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Join Brandon Mills and some of the nation’s hottest and most influential health enthusiasts as your 2 SMART DUMBBELLS give you one hour each week of the tips and tools YOU need to succeed on your path to health and wellness. It’s all about being sexy with a little bit of science. We’ll have fun shaping up your life by tackling fitness at its core. So hang up your suit and get ready to work it, it’s Fitness Friday!





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Beating the Heat: Maximize Your Summer and Excel in Your Exercise
When the temperture sizzles, don't let your workout fizzle. Brandon shares his tips for safe, effective summer workouts.
Social Media Fitness
Social media disaster or an opportunistic gold mine? Brandon discusses the implications of a new breed of social media savvy fitness enthusiasts turned professionals via the smart use of social platforms.
Flexibility and Mobility with Scott Kuhagen
A strong body is a wonderful thing. But a flexible and mobile body is even better. Scott Kuhagen, creator of M11 Fitness, joins brandon to discuss the importance mobility and flexibility.
Maximizing Your Life
Brandon breaks down how to maximize your life for success in health, wellness, or anything else that needs a pump up.
Journey to Fit
Brandon's joined in studio by Katlyin Greer to talk about her fitness journey to sexiness.
Summer Nutrition with Meg Mangano
Brandon's joined by nutritionist Meg Mangano of Rejoov Wellness to talk summer nutrition. They're also sharing some ideas for a healthy fourth of July barbeque!
The Sensation of the World's Sport: SOCCER!
Angela Hucles, 2 time gold medalist and World Cup USA women's player, talks up the cup and what we have to look forward to!
You Can't Spell Challenge Without Change
Jeanine Peters joins Brandon live from Pilates Proworks in Chicago to discuss the different aspects of being the best trainer and coach you can be.
Fitness and Pregnancy
Boom Baby! Brandon's joined by Virginia Castillo and baby Jude to talk about the strength and beauty of pregnancy and excersice on today's special episode of Two (and a half) Smart Dumbbells.
Special episode today: Brandon's talking about happinesss... and why you maybe haven't found it yet.
The Tables Are Turned
Brandon is interviewed by Dr. Lisa Masterson for her podcast, Health in Heels. Brought to you by .
Health Science & Formula Foods
Brandon's in studio with Ryan Kenny to talk about Formula Foods, the science behind your diet, and body transformation. Take a look at Ryan's own transformation here, and make sure to tune in for an excellent conversation about the power you have to take your health to the next level. Brought to you by .
High Energy. High Intensity. Huge Results.
Brandon gives you all the tools you need to shred for summer and build lean mass. It's the real HIIT training knowhow. Also, Brandon shares healthy and helpful mothers days picks that are sure to make it a happy day for mom!
Summer Fitness with Robert Reames
Brandon's guest today is the incredible Robert Reames of Robert Reames Live, The Dr. Phil Show, Extra, Access Hollywood, Gold's Gym and much, much more. They're talking summer fitness , healthy lifestyles, and fighting childhood obesity.
Going For Gold: The Olympic Mentality and Way of Life
Brandon chats with CW3PR founder and CEO and Sochi 2014 TV Correspondant Charley Cullen Walters about all things Olympic. Find Charley on twitter @olympicchaz and at
04/11/14Back and forth with Meg Mangano- Brandon and nutritionist Meg Migado talk about the importance of nutrition, and how you can spice up your Summer diet. Stream/Download
04/04/14Rest: It's More Important Than Your Workout- 7 tips for your best rest and recovery.Stream/Download
03/21/14Females, Fitness, and Food with Nicole Pedra Part 2- I re rack our dumbbellette Nicole Pedra to check in on her progress and discuss how to keep it fun, fresh, and fit for Spring to get ready for swimsuit summer. Stream/Download
03/07/14Dealing with Daylight Saving Time- The importance of sleep and how it affects your health. Stream/Download
02/28/14Just Say No- The effects and consequences of overextending yourself. Jeanine Peters and Brandon discuss when enough is enough. Stream/Download
02/21/14Paleo! Paleo! Paleo!- Melissa Vickers weighs in on cleaning up her diet with the Paleo Challenge and making the changes necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Stream/Download
02/14/14Hollywood heartthrobs Nicole Pedra and Alexander Ludwig join Brandon to talk couples, fitness, food, and of course fighting!Stream/Download
02/07/14Listener turned Dumbellette Mandy Salvaryn joins me to talk about the beginning of a new found fitness and how to keep the momentum going through this new year.Stream/Download
01/24/14Gym Etiquette Round 1- Learn how to make your time at the gym better for yourself and those around you. Stream/Download
01/17/14The Secret to Continued Success - Discovering your true motivation and embracing vulnverability.Stream/Download
01/10/14No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you had to start somewhere. During the time of year when everyone has resolutions on their minds, I am excited to have Sharon Fredrickson come share her story about life, growth, and new beginnings. Sharon is more than a true beginner, she is an inspiration you can't afford to miss.Stream/Download
12/20/13Happy Holiday Hour with Jeanine Peters and Sarah Shelton. Accepting holiday chaos and setting up for New Years success. Stream/Download
12/06/13Take the reigns of control and harness your willpower... just in time for the holidaysStream/Download
11/22/13The importance of change-taking risks and making changes to set up your life for success. Stream/Download
11/15/13Breaking down the top mistakes you're making at the gym.Stream/Download
11/08/13Brandon is joined by John O'Sullivan to discuss his book: Changing the Game, tackling the tough topic of our young athletes and the change in parents and coaching of Youth Sports. It's a new world with our youth, and they will help you through it.Stream/Download
10/25/13Beating Breast Cancer with Ashley KorbellStream/Download
10/18/13Empowering Youth Through Sport with two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Angela Hucles.Stream/Download
10/04/13CrossFit Kids & Empowering Youth Through SportStream/Download
09/27/13Happy Fitness Friday Dumbbells! Fall is in the air, and that means cold air and hot food. Meg Mangano joins me live at 12pm PST to hit fall favorites and fueling with carbs!Stream/Download
09/20/13Model Vanessa Milde and new mom and fitness extraordinaire Kate Payne join Brandon to discuss the 23 Things Women Need to Stop Doing! Stream/Download
09/13/13Brandon is BACK and joined by Natasha Nicole! They're talking all about love, plus healthy fall eating Stream/Download
08/16/13You're in for a treat today....cleanses, summer, and sexy while you sweat, with special guest Jeanine Peters!Stream/Download
08/02/13It's about the journey. Need we say more? Melissa Vickers joins us to discuss hers. One step. One time. Tune in. Stream/Download
07/26/13Reebok Crossfit Games 2013Stream/Download
07/19/13Training the 50 and over client and Corporate Fitness!Stream/Download
07/12/13"Knocked Down? Get the hell up" with Mallory Geis.Stream/Download
06/21/13Staying strong for others starts with taking care of yourself! We are living for the moment today and setting you on the track to health and happiness. AND Meg Mangano weighs on on everything health and wellness with what you need for summer!Stream/Download
06/14/13The truth about shortcuts with Natasha Nicole.Stream/Download
06/07/13From veggies to carrots, sunscreen, to super diets...there's so much happening in Health and Fitness this month! Guest Dumbbellette, Amanda Ply, joins BrandonLIVE in studio at 12p PST to break it all down. Stream/Download
05/31/13It's the last day of May and we are upping your motivation to make summer the best. Confidence is sexy, so is bathing suit season. We will get you there! Karen Maxwell joins Brandon LIVE in studio. You're in for a treat!Stream/Download
05/17/13Re-center. Re-energize. And get on the right track! Nick Hounslow puts a spin on traditional fitness.Stream/Download
05/10/13100 days of sweat with Jeanine Peters!Stream/Download
05/03/13Change your attitude. Change your mind.
It's the simple things that make the big differences in life.

Join me and my Dumbbellette for the day, Lucie McGrane, as we help give your brain a workout and make your body better. Plus, resident Nutritionist Meg Mangano calls in with some changes of her own!
04/26/13Life is unpredictable. That you can be certain of. However, sometimes the curves life deals us embolden's us and those around us with a new strength - a strength you may have never known you had. Join Dr. Monica Mead, UCLA/Cedars oncologist and hematologist, and me as we discuss the strength and power of the human spirit. It's a serious health topic but an inspiring and motivational hour.Stream/Download
04/19/13Summer is just around the corner, and bathing suit season will soon be in full swing. Resident Nutritionist Meg Mangano is my Dumbbellette today! From juicing to summer salads, diets to slimming supplements we have your summer nutrition covered!Stream/Download
04/12/13We are boosting your heart rate today on Two Smart Dumbbells! Brandon and his guest dumbbellete Diana Newton are all about cardio. Do it before you train? After? During? Too much? Not enough? Get out of your head and into your heart. Stream/Download
04/05/13THE FRESHMAN 15! Yall all know what im talking about. If you didnt gain it, you know someone who did! Join me and my Dumbbellette for the Day, Alexandra Catalano, as we discuss the fun of college life and the transition to having to take of yourself after. From Beer Bongs to Broccoli....Stream/Download
03/29/13Everyone has an opinion about food, and everyday it changes on what we are and are not suppose to eat! No wonder we are all over the place. Well today Im cracking the myths on Eggs, setting it straight, and serving up the delicious facts on the little guy. Also, speaking of re-births, the amazing Molly Locklin calls in to talk about why it's never too late to start on a path of health!Stream/Download
03/15/13For many of us 1 or 2 miles on the treadmill is a workout or hike up a canyon. How about 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 Different continents?!? My guest Dumbbell Mike Allsop did just that. LIVE from New Zealand at 12 PST, extreme marathoner, mountain climber, airline pilot, and all around Dad, Mike Allsop joins me.Stream/Download
03/08/13A very special show today LIVE FROM TEXAS! Tune in at 12p PST (2p CST) and spring into spring from San Antonio. We are all about moving forward today, even when everything is out of control. It may seem like everything is going wrong, but today we will explore keeping YOU in control, one step • onetime!Stream/Download
03/01/13There's something to be said about putting yourself out there, and even more to be said about putting yourself out there on YouTube! That's exactly what my Dumbbellette for the day, YouTube Sensation, and new found fitness fanatic Natasha Nicole Ponomaroff does all too well. With almost 2 million views on YouTube, she has inspired so many by sharing her feelings and struggles. I know she will inspire you today too!Stream/Download
02/22/13Happy Fitness Friday!!! The Dumbbell is back on the rack and ready to lift your spirits. We are flying by the seat of our pants today on LIVE at 12p PST we are sitting down with the stand up comedian, the all star of improv comedy, the epitome of enthusiasm, Miss Jeanine Peters! If you've had a week like I've had, you could use a laugh, and some definite positive energy. This one has got the motivation and laughs to start the weekend right! Stream/Download
01/25/13It's Fitness Friday, and y'all know what that means! Join me and my special guest Bradley Bernstein of Fast Track Management for a real conversation about fitness, weight loss, and the everyday challenges it takes to make a healthy change in your life. Let's face it, we all have jobs, obligations, events, it's hard to be in a fitness state of mind all the time! Well tomorrow, it's the real deal with your Dumbbells. No gimmicks, no games, no excuses- JUST SOLUTIONS! If you've made resolutions, you're almost a month in! Let's stick with it shall we? Tune in!Stream/Download
01/18/13Ever wonder what Pilates is all about? Wish you could relax more and still feel accomplished? And who ever said that exercise had to entail you kicking your ass to oblivion? Im excited to have my friend and guest, Jerry Sher, on with us today to talk all about form, fitness, and functionality. Tune in and see how you can improve your life and explore your self expression. It's a New Year, and time for a New YOU to shine through!Stream/Download
01/11/13Are you a female? Do you have questions about exercise? Resistance training? Eating right? Exercise for you is important enough! Exercise when you're carrying someone else, that's a whole different ball game. Or is it?
If you are a mom, planning on being a mom, or have a mom, you don't want to miss today's show. I have the Queen of all things Kinesiology, MaryAnn Bohland Matveyenko LIVE in studio! THIS ONE IS FOR THE GIRLS!
01/04/13New Year, New You. Mind, Body, and Soul.

re-SOLUTIONS and S.M.A.R.T goals with Nutritionist Meg Mangano, RD. Everything you need for a healthy, happy 2013.
12/21/12That's Fresh with Helen Cavallo

Food and Fitness go hand in hand. Gearing up for Christmas and Holidays it is bound to be an endless bounty of food and family once again. Never fear...HELEN CAVALLO is here. Fresh food, great ingredients, and lots of love is the name of her game. And no one does it better. Helen joins Brandon LIVE in studio for a great conversation on all things that make her approach to food fresh! If you love food, and care about fresh fitness, you will love Helen! Happy Holidays from your 2 Smart Dumbbells!
12/14/12From the GM of the GYM to you!

We are going Local Today with the Dumbbells. Steven Hill of the Easton Gym Co. joins us in studio. Whether you look at a gym as a boutique or a place to sweat, Steven and Brandon talk you through what makes a great gym, how to find the perfect trainer, and what makes an intimate gym setting so much more fun. It's straight from the GM of the GYM to you!
12/07/12A 20 min workout? O Yes! With group X expert Tafiq Akhir

We are gearing up for the Spartan Race and it's going to be a BEAST! Brandon has Ashleigh and the team call in to prep him! Also, fitness expert and group x extraordinaire Tafiq Akhir joins us LIVE to talk all about Tabata training and the perfect gift for the holidays, the TXT DVD series.
11/30/12Steve Machuca and Rachel Tonick join Brandon in studio to discuss Steve's Life-changeing last 90 days. As an official test subject for P90X2 and official P90X2 trainer, Steve and Rachel give us the ins and outs of starting a new life in health and wellness. Through the challenges and the breakthroughs, its a show you don't want to miss! Onward and upward we all go! Stream/Download
11/16/12Its the time of year for food, family, and more food! Arm yourself with the holiday know-how to survive the holiday season and come out on top! Special guest and DB sister AShleigh Mills joins Brandon in studio. Bring on the Turkey and get ready to pull your weight with your 2 Smart Dumbbells.Stream/Download
11/09/12Never Fear...FAT is here!
With an onset of obesity, we have all come to fear fat! The Dumbbells take one step at a time and debunk those myths about fat! If you eat money, you dont get rich....same reason if you eat fat you dont get fat! its Calories, Calories Out! Once and for all!!
10/25/12Crossfit Kids!
Times are changing, and so are our children. Its not just bike rides and neighborhood games with the children anymore! Theres a gym and a path for all of us, and our children. PJ talks us through Crossfit kids and all the benefits it provides giving the best foundation for solid beginning.
10/19/12Theres a child in all of us!
Trainer Tim, fitness legend, and children's author joins the Dumbbells LIVE in studio. We talk about childhood obesity, education, and the path to health as we all grow older! There's a kid in all of us, Trainer Tim and the Dumbbells help you find it!
10/12/12Crossfit Mania with Yumi Lee Mathews!
3 Fitness expert, 1 room! The Reebok Crossfit LAB is coming! Yumi and PJ educate the other Dumbbell on every Crossfit! If you are interested in fitness, Crossfit, or a great time...this is the show for you! IF YOU WANT TO GET FIT, CROSS-FIT!
10/05/12Brandon and PJ get all the facts and meaty myths straight about Protein! Too much? Not Enough? Vegetarian or Canivore...You need to hear this show to get your nutrition fix from the DBs! Stream/Download
09/21/12The Dumbbells are together again...but not for long. PJ is all ready to be a Dumbbell abroad in Hawaii and Brandon is ready for Friday! Brandon and Pj catch up with Sister Dumbbell Kelli McDonald about pregnancy, being a mom, and what it takes to keep yourself active and involved while staying on your feet. Its all about setting goals, juggling a schedule, teaching good habits, and taking time for yourself. Its an intimate hour with a proud new mom and 2 Smart Dumbbells. Stream/Download
09/14/12The Dumbbells have been re-racked and are ready to work it out. Life is full of challenges and it’s up to us whether to let them break us down or build us up. Brandon and PJ get down with what gets you down and talk with Los Angeles based therapist Dr. Christopher Grant about what it takes to build yourself back up and break through when you’re ready to break down. Its fitness, its function, its life! Right here with your 2 Smart Dumbbells!Stream/Download
08/31/12PJ holds down the fort with friends and trainers Scott Ross and Mike Perfettio. Its all about real life and staying on track with a healthy lifestyle. We know it’s not always easy, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves how to pick it all up and keep going. Nutrition, Laughs, and amazing growth, right here with your 2 Smart Dumbbells.
08/24/12Brandon and PJ go for gold TWICE! Its former 2 time Olympic gold medalist and World Cup Women’s Soccer star Angela Hucles LIVE in studio. We talk about the journey to the world’s biggest stage, and the road on the path of life after professional sport. This is one you don’t want to miss! 2 Dumbbells, too many medals, tons of fun. Stream/Download
08/17/12Run. Reform. Repeat. Take everything you think you know about pilates and throw it out the window! The Dumbbells learn all about the fitmix with firend Diana Newton. Its cardio to the core, and trust us when we say you WILL be back for more. It’s a day to be centered, and break a hell of a sweat!Stream/Download
08/10/12You guessed it! The Dumbbells are back and all about Hydration!Its the height of summer, and you have to stay hydrated. Brandon and Pj’s go-to-girl for nutrition, Meg Mangano, calls in and gives you all the tips and tricks you need to stay up, and stay hydrated while having all the fun you want in the sun!Stream/Download
08/03/12Another day another dumbbell short. But not to worry, PJ has heavy weight fitness expert and trainer to the stars Ashley Borden in Studio to even out the weight! Through self- struggles and personal battles to personal triumph, Ashley talks all about finding fitness where you least expect it, and making the best from what seemed like the worst!Stream/Download
07/27/12Its opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. Brandon’s former Kinesiology professor and current Olympic guru John Callaghan joins us live to ring in the games! We learn what to expect, who to watch out for, and what surprises we have in store. It’s full OLYMPIC immersion, right here on Global Voice Broadcasting.Stream/Download
07/20/12Sometimes the hardest time to exercise is when youre too in your head to push yourself over the hump. Brandon and PJ have Nichelle Hines of Cycle House LA in studio talking about the benefits and growth she found through spinning. Spin to win, sweat to survive. Get out of your head and into your heart! It’s high power output and major self-input with your 2 Smart Dumbbells!Stream/Download
07/13/12The Dumbbells are warming up for the Olympics! It’s the Crossfit Games and what better way to celebrate the start than with Canada’s own Crossfit Guru, Mike Deboever. Tune in and tone up! If you wanna get fit….CROSSFIT!Stream/Download
07/06/12PJ holds down the fort with special guests Susan Leiva and Jen Dalton. Former high school athlete and gymnast talk about a life full of fitness after fitness is not part of your mandatory routine. Learn how to beat the clock, learn new tricks, and NEVER put things off again!Stream/Download
06/29/12We are all under pressure! Whether under heavy weights at the gym or you are simply under the pressure of everyday life, the Dumbbells take you through it. Sometimes fitness doesnt fit in and we are here to help get you through it and then help you make up for time lost! Sit back and let off some pressure this week with us!Stream/Download
06/22/12Co-Founder of the wildly popular and successful website Anthony Flynn joins us in studio. Its all about customization. From your workouts all the way down to your snacks, Brandon and PJ have it covered. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken! Make it custom, make it happen! Stream/Download
06/15/12YOU are accountABLE! Got an excuse for everything? Do you need someone to keep you accountable? Brandon and PJ recap the week and get down to the core of what makes one define their goals and actions. Though dumbbells are close, today they learn a lot more about each other, discussing taking action, priorities, disappointment and expectations. Stream/Download
06/08/12Brandon and PJ have special guest Andy Thompson from CROSSFIT HOLLYWOOD. Andy talks with the Dumbbells about how he came to find crossfit and build himself and his business from the ground up into a successful gym here in Los Angeles. It's raw, its real, its emotional. It's what YOU need to know to define the best possible you!Stream/Download
06/01/12Special guest Richie Konigsberg joins Brandon in studio. PJ is off to NYC and we can't wait for him to return. Also, the duchess of all things digital Molly Hankins joins us in studio. Music. Fitness. 10ve!Stream/Download
05/25/12No Show!
05/18/12Minority is the new majority! The Dumbbells recap HBO's documentary on obesity, 'The Weight of the Nation'. Also Boston University Volleyball extraordinare Cassie Kraft calls in to talk about how she fits in fitness now that it is not part of her normal routine. Brandon and PJ take a health quiz and teach you how to combat belly fat and be sexy for summer! Stream/Download
05/11/12For all you mothers out there! Brandon and PJ talk about taking care of clients. Also, Mother Dumbbell calls in and the Dumbbells talk with other Mom's about what it takes to be a mom and be fitness forward! Stream/Download
05/04/12We are all guilty of it...making excuses and putting things off until tomorrow. The Dumbbells take their own advice, confront their fears, and say YES to taking time to do things that are important to them. Brandon and PJ recap how to enjoy Cinco de Mayo responsibly and stay on track with your goals. Its all One Step, One Time. YES YOU CAN!
04/27/12All about Fear. Brandon and PJ get up close and personal and talk about what scares them and how they overcome it. The Dumbbells help show you how to confront your fears and harness the emotions that make you who you are, and most importantly how to turn any inner emotion into an outward
04/20/12PJ gears up to leave for Hawaii and the Dumbbells discuss how to stay fit and have still have a great vacation. All about Olympic Lifts and Plyometrics gets discussed. And Brandon and PJ give you the tools you need for a sexy summer stomach! All this laughs and more, with your Two Smart Dumbbells.Stream/Download
04/13/12World renowned Ultra-Marathoner Amanda McIntosh joins the Dumbbells. Its all about running and being in it for the long run. Mental strength, rest, recovery and laughs. If you are a runner and loooking for motivation, this is the show for you!Stream/Download
04/06/12Brandon and PJ define and describe everything about heart rate. The Dumbbells name their favorite heart rate monitors and talk all about the importance of a strong core and endurance athletes.Stream/Download
03/30/12Introducing Meg Mangano, RD, CSSD. Brandon and PJ get to the bottom of nutrition and ask the questions even the nutritionist has to answer! We discuss the Chocolate diet Stream/Download
03/23/12The Dumbbells get ready for their weekend and talk about staying motivated even when you don’t want to be. Also, they talk the difference between pains and gains and how to work through and around an injury.Stream/Download
03/16/12Brandon and PJ have a sweet talk about SUGAR. Artificial vs. Natural sweeteners beware! And introducing Health News with PJ!Stream/Download
03/09/12Rest at home, in the gym, and during the week! The Dumbbells know how to rest and want you to be rested and ready for anything life throws your way. + Top 10 ways to relaxStream/Download
03/02/12We are all what a diet REALLY is and what a diet is NOT! Supplements and fad diets do’s and don’t’s.Stream/Download
02/24/12Brandon and PJ bring in the Oscars and talk about the tools you need to sculpt your own red carpet worthy body. They discuss keeping your workout partner or trainer-client relationship in check!Stream/Download
02/17/12Tony Sweet joins us in studio and talks about his struggles with weight as a child. PJ eventually makes it in, just in time for our special guest, writer of “Run Tory Run”Stream/Download
02/10/12Fallen off the resolution wagon? Fall back in love with fitness and fall back in love with you!Stream/Download
02/03/12Get ready for a day drink & the SuperBowl. The Dumbbells are all about alcohol and sharing their favorite pre-game snacks and recipes.Stream/Download
01/27/12Debunking ‘embarassing’ moments in the gym. And getting active, gym or no gym.Stream/Download
01/20/12Everything you need to know about calories. PJ talks negative calorie foods and the Dumbbells share their favorite snacking tips!Stream/Download
01/13/12Our first show! Getting to know Branond and PJ.Stream/Download


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