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** In Robert Reames Live! Episode 3, from 9:55 to 10:07 , The phrase should be “higher sodium to lower potassium ratios were associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease.”

07/19/13Robert Reames Live! is back in studio with episode 3! Joined by Bud Leslie to talk about motivation!Stream Download
07/09/13Robert Reames is back in studio for part two of Robert Reames Live!Stream Download
06/21/13GVB Exclusive with Robert Reames!Stream Download
04/11/13Certified fitness, nutrition, and wellness coach Tafiq Akhir came in studio to talk with us about how to make physical, emotional and spiritual choices that will enable you to restore your health, reshape your body and renew your life.Stream Download
04/05/13Jennie Cooks joins us on this GVB Exclusive to talk all about food, nutrition, and how to enjoy your meals while staying healthy.Stream Download


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